BANGKOK: On Wednesday, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha backed down over emergency measures he imposed last week to stop three months of protests, which led to even bigger demonstrations against his government and the monarchy.
Thailand is currently witnessing one of the biggest movements in his history against the monarchy of the country.
“I will make the first move to de-escalate this situation. I am currently preparing to lift the state of severe emergency in Bangkok and will do so promptly if there are no violent incidents,” he said in an address to the nation.
The measures had banned political gatherings of five or more people and the publication of information deemed to threaten security.
“We must now step back from the edge of the slippery slope that can easily slide to chaos,” Prayut added.
The protesters have given a three day deadline to the government to quit.
Protest leader Patsaravalee “Mind” Tanakitvibulpon said, “”Our goal today is successful. We submitted a letter to Prayut and his representative accepted it, promising it would reach him,”

“But our fight isn’t over as long as he doesn’t resign. If within three days he doesn’t resign, he will face the people again.”

Inputs : CNA

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