Quarantine Cypher

Quarantine Cypher includes 30 Rappers from all over the Northeast India, Darjeeling & Bangladesh.  It was an initiative taken by 4 rappers from Assam – Beya Lora, Mr.Awkward, Harsh & Hambaboy. And the amazing thing about it was that everything was homemade, the recordings & videos, were done using phones & home studio. Our only motive was promoting hip hop in India especially in Assam and to make people understand that Rap Music is not only about diss, whereas Rap music also stands for unity.

The rappers featuring are –

 Beya Lora, Kool D, Lowese, Lawrence, Diyaz, Royal Mash, Abigail, Loli , MC Insane, Shotz, Tuku, Aughad, Pukss, Mr. Awkward, Harsh, Hambaboy, Sam 53, Pronit, Zigx, Young Nicky,Obdur8, Imti, Big Panda , Lil 29, Rigved, Dewa, Xavy, Dfrient , Nobo and Ekxo

What are the artistic inspirations/influences, specifically regarding how the cypher approached the songwriting?

 Ever since the underground HipHop scene evolved in India, it gave a platform for the independent artist to showcase their talent without the help of any record label or music production houses and YouTube opened the door for us. And we can’t deny that hip hop can bring revolution. From ages when rap music was found, cyphers were happening where rappers come together to jam or freestyle. It’s a way we promote hip hop and North East India was always a part of Indian Hip Hop since. And we wanted to make people know what real hip hop stands for. Throwing the diss culture aside we came together just to remind people that Hip Hop has always stood for Unity and still does.

If your group could go open a show for any artist from present or the past who would it be?

We aren’t a crew or group, but we are a community. We stand for Hip Hop and every individual in the Cypher has got different choices. Although I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to open for my favorite rapper “DIVINE” but if you ask me going international who wouldn’t dream of opening a show for the Rap God “Eminem”? That will be a lifetime achievement & a dream for every rapper I guess.

If your group could share one suggestion in which our independent music scene can be made more solid / one thing your group will do if you could change about the Indian music scene?

I guess being original. The audience wants more original content despite of remakes which the mainstream is giving whereas, the independent artists are doing amazing when it comes to producing original quality content. And the mainstream should definitely promote the raw talent.

What message do you have for your fans during these days of the lockdown?

 Well, to my listeners as I always say have trust in yourself. I know it’s a tough time we are going through. But don’t lose hope, everything will be better soon. So don’t give up and try to improve & work on your skills, whether it’s about music, sports or anything you love. You got that in you, believe that. Stay home & work on your skills.

What’s next for the group?

– As of now, everyone is working on their individual projects. But the next cypher will also include the beat producers alongside the rappers. 

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