Salman Khan’s latest deal for this season of Bigg Boss is a whopping Rs 450 crores

Salman Khan’s hosting-stint on reality show Bigg Boss soars the temperatures and despite all the catfights and the show being high on drama, people never fail to watch it.  

This year there has been a lot of talk about his fees for Bigg Boss Season 14 and the actor has struck a deal worth Rs 450 crores.  Last year he had charged Rs 15.5 crores per episode and this year he has increased the price to Rs 20 crores. Speaking further about the deal, a source reveals, “While the three-month stint works out to Rs 480 crore, the makers and he agreed to seal the deal at Rs 450 crore. The amount is inclusive of his fees for promos and virtual press conferences. The producers at Endemol are willing to pay the remuneration as they know Salman is the primary reason for the show”s high TRPs.”

Last year the show was a huge success and was extended for a few weeks further. This year too if the channel decides to extend the show, the remuneration for the actor shall be discussed again. Now this is a great deal for Salman Khan to make amidst the lockdown.

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