End of the Night: The burning political rage, where democracy exists as a mere word. Curbing the press freedom, assaulting those who are opposing, and everything that ‘democracy’ never writes as what it is, has been happening in the state of Maharashtra lately.

Earlier today, a veteran Army Officer, Madan Sharma was brutally assaulted by Shiv Sena workers for forwarding a cartoon of Maharashtra’s CM. The 65-years old navy veteran had forwarded the cartoon at his residential society’s WhatsApp group. Following which he received a call from Kamlesh Kadam, who asked his name and address. In the afternoon, he was called outside the building and was attacked by a group of men. Security footage that is being widely shared shows the former officer being thrashed by men, mostly wearing masks. 

Four people including Shiv Sena’s Kamlesh Kadam were arrested so far, in connection with attack on a retired Navy officer today by Mumbai Police.

Over the top, BMC’s ‘sudden’ move to demolish Kangana’s office actually shows the colour which democracy hates to wear.

Shiv Sena’s attack goes beyond Kangana or a veteran officer, but to a Media Network as well. A Network who has been telecasting only ONE issue everyday, suddenly shifted to this new developing Kangana vs Sena. Main cable operators of the state were asked to block telecasting of any channel of the Media Network.

This incident of the attack on the veteran is what shows how a Government can dominate the people. Why criticism is still a good far away from practical exercise. Or, what can selective outrages lead to?

Shiv Sena’s bricks start to fall. The alleged Mumbai Police cover-up on Sushant’s case, the Kangana’s property demolition, Media Blockage, and now the attack on a veteran.

The Question is: Will the Government be the people’s or remain within just a party’s sentiment? Democracy, a REAL question now!

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