End of the Night: The main accused, and the ‘most’ wanted behind the SI-Paper Scam, ex-DIG P.K Dutta has been arrested earlier today at Kakarvitta, near the Indo-Nepal Border. The absconding PK Dutta, along with his son headed towards Nepal where his daughter, and son-in-law resided. But, is that the only scene?

P.K Dutta’s arrest was actually a surrender. The actual plan was to get arrested at Srirampur, where Assam Police awaited. According to the plan, Dutta & his son-in-law left Nepal. But, after a while, Dutta’s son-in-law was held back by the Nepal’s immigration department, as his photo was given to several agencies. However, Dutta & his son were allowed to move ahead. Due to which, Dutta again contacted Assam Police, and on instruction he got himself arrested by the West Bengal Police.

However, PK Dutta is going to reveal some “BIG NAMES” which the Assam Police haven’t had under the radar. The two – Rubul Hazarika & Suraj Sharma – are said to be the MASTERMIND behind the entire SI-Paper scam, revealed Dutta “mediator”. (SLIDE02)

What will PK Dutta state in front of the police? We have access to that as well. DY365’s Exclusive report & a report delivered by an internal source. PK Dutta has two-demands as well.

Head to SLIDE03, SLIDE04 & SLIDE05 to read the EXCLUSIVE details.

However, the BIG QUESTION: Will Assam Police shut-down investigation after the arrest of PK Dutta & Dibon Deka? Or, will the hunt for the “BIG-FISHES” continue? Per Media reports, there is involvement of an ASP of the Assam Police, whose name, PK Dutta might reveal after interrogation. 

Interestingly, PK Dutta enjoyed a dinner arranged at the Police Guest of Kokrajarh’s kajalgaon along with certain high-level officials, while ago.

At the end, the story “designed”, but not what we actually are shown.

Here’s the opposition’s stand:


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