End of the Night: Not 10s, not 100s, but beyond 1000s on the streets, in different forms, in different places. You might think what, where and why? And it’s obvious. We are talking about India’s “most” shadowed story and situation.

25th September was called-off as “Bharat Bandh” but over 250 farmer groups or organisations followed the controversial passing of the three Farm-Bills. Wondering which bills? Yes, these are the three ‘controversial’ bills which were LEAST debated by the mainstream media. The mainstream media who chased Bollywood actors’ cars, screaming out from their window-close vehicle.

On 25th, 265 affiliated-organisations with AIKSCC, also 100-non affiliated farmers’ organisations took part nation-wide protest, held across about 20,000 spots. 31 farmers’ groups in Punjab called for a ‘total shut-down’ in the state, supported by their State Government, no FIRs were lodged following the protocol violation. 

Highways were blocked, angry farmers also began the ‘rail-roko’ protest in Amritsar. Several highways in UP were blocked too. The protests were also carried in Bihar and parts of West Bengal. In Tamil Nadu, farmers protested with human skulls hanging around, chains and nooses around their necks.

But will this even be a factor? Or will the Government continue to “pretend” it to be a opposition-funded protest?

Bihar in 2006 abolished the APMC system. Did that help? According to ACAA, only 6% farmers are benefited from MSP, while 96% already rely on open-market. If this system stands to be good, why are the conditions already worse?

Despite providing huge subsidies to American-European Farmers, the open-market system led to heavy debt. In India’s already worsening situation, is this a SAFE PLAN to implement?

Silent Media’s loud cover-up to this massive protest, and R.I.P India Media trends. Question is, will the GDP’s only positive too be pushed below as a negative? Time.. sorry. The Government will tell.


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