Indian-Americans continue to be strongly attached to the Democratic Party, with little indication of a shift towards the Republican Party, a latest survey of the community in the US said on Wednesday.

As many as 72 percent of the registered Indian-American voters plan to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, while 22 percent intend to vote for incumbent Republican Donald Trump, three percent will support a third-party candidate, and three percent do not intend to vote at all, according to the survey.

According to the report “kitchen table” issues dominate over foreign policy concerns, Kamala Harris has mobilised Indian-Americans, especially Democrats and political beliefs seep into perceptions of the US-India bilateral relations, it said.

“Despite talk about how America’s ties with India might shape Indian-American voting behaviour this election, the US-India relations rank next to last on voters’ list of priorities. Instead, the economy and healthcare are the two most important issues influencing voters this election,” said the survey.

Further, Indian-Americans believe that Democrats do a better job of managing the US-India ties by a considerable margin while Republicans hold more favourable views on Modi, said the report.

“Indian-Americans refrain from identifying with the Republican Party due, in part, to a perception that the party is intolerant of minorities and overly influenced by Christian evangelicalism. Those who identify as Republicans are primarily moved to do so because of the economic policy differences with the Democrats, with particularly marked differences regarding healthcare,” it said.

Between 2000 and 2018, the Indian-American population grew by nearly 150 percent, making it the second-largest immigrant group in America today.

The community’s elevated levels of educational attainment and household income render its members valuable campaign contributors and potential mobilisers, it said.

Report: FirstPost

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