O Daapun is a duo of two brothers who are putting out a fresh mix of our summer love songs with a healthy bit of pop rock and funk.

1) What are your artistic inspirations/influences, specifically regarding how you approach your songwriting? 

We are a duo of two siblings, both, born in two different decades, yet, we share common ground when it comes to music. We were always fond of the 70’s – 90’s era which includes, listening to a lot of Rock and Synth music. When it comes to songwriting, we have always been influenced by artistes such as Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Coldplay etc. We also love Zubeen Garg’s classic hits because of the way he approached his songwriting in such an artistic manner, yet, using such simple words to describe his feelings and emotions in a lyrical form. 

2) The singles “Ujagor Rati” and “Misa Axa” have a really fresh experiment vibe, what was the thought process in getting that tasty mix?

We made a rough song structure almost a year back and always thought of making it a synthwave/synthpop song, whenever we get a chance to record it. Because of lack of resources, we kept that on our bucket list and waited for better days to come.   So, when we finally got to start recording the song, we thought, why not blend the synth music in our regional language? This thought process later converted to “Ujagori Raati”.

“Misa Axa” was a sudden creation. It accidentally kicked in on a night when we were just jamming. The moment we got a hang of the vibe, we knew that we had to make it a song. Blending Pop, R&B, Funk and Alternative music was a real challenge and we hope we did a good job with it.

3) If you could go open a show for any artist from present or the past who would it be?

This is our favourite question of the lot.  As of now, if you ask us of our Indian music scene, the artists that we are really fond of are The Local Train, When Chai Met Toast and Prateek Kuhad. So, given a chance, we would love to open for any of them.

4) We knowing your vocal and artistic prowess in studio and live sessions, what will be the most useless talent that you guys have on a lighter note?

Does recognizing the faces and names of a lot of celebrities, dignitaries and sportsperson count as a talent? If yes, then maybe you can count us on that. 

5) If you could share one suggestion in which our independent music scene can be made more solid / one thing you would like to change about the Indian music scene?

A suggestion, if you ask us, would be taking the time to make a song or an album rather than considering it as a race of who releases more songs or who can release a song earlier than the other. Good music needs patience and self composure.

Change is not directly in our hands, though, we would like to advise our people to be more open to different genres of music.

6) What message do you have for your well-wishers during these days of the lockdown?

Everyone is well aware of the situation, so keeping that in mind, people should be more responsible. Many have lost their lives; many are still suffering due to the pandemic, so we should consider ourselves blessed to be having a shelter and staying indoors at our homes. If someone is reading this interview from a quarantine centre or a containment zone, you should have faith and be very strong and trust the process. Better days awaits….

7) What’s next for O Daapun?

We are currently working on an upcoming single and planning to release it by the next month. This song is very special as it relates to us a lot and we hope people can connect with the same feeling. We hope that we are able to experiment with more music and bring a lot more songs to you in future. 

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