Jewellery brand Tanishq’s store in Gandhidham, Gujarat was vandalised by a mob, following a furore over its “ekatvam” ad campaign.

The ad in question depicted a Muslim family holding an interfaith baby shower for their pregnant Hindu daughter-in-law. Following outrage over social media, the advertisement was taken down by Tanishq.

Reportedly, the manager of the vandalised store was forced to write an apology letter by the mob. “Apologies to people of Kutch district for hurting sentiment of Hindus by broadcasting secular advertisement (sic),” the manager reportedly wrote in his letter, as per news various national media reports.

Tanishq pulled down the controversial ad which, according to social media users allegedly promoted “love jihad”. In a statement,
the brand said that the ad has been taken down for the sake of the well-being of company’s employees.

The statement read: “The idea behind the Ekatvam campaign is to celebrate the coming together of people from different walks of life, local communities and families during these challenging times and celebrate the beauty of oneness. This film has stimulated divergent and severe reactions, contrary to its very objective.We are deeply saddened with the inadvertent stirring of emotions and withdraw this film keeping in mind the hurt sentiments and well being of our employees, partners and store staff.”

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut had called out the ad on Twitter, writing that it glorified “love jihad and sexism.”

Inputs from NDTV and India TV news.

UPDATE// Rahul Manuja, manager of Tanishq store in Gandhidham, Kutch in Gujarat says, “The store has not been attacked. However, I received some threat calls. The police have supported us.”

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