Tejas Making it Happen!

Interacting with Tejas Menon

1) How are you holding up in these crazy times ? Are you indulging in other things apart from your music?

Just trying to bury myself in work, I do have an album coming out so I am trying to focus on that. Apart from that, watching some television shows, playing Fortnite (lol), indie video games, writing some new songs, catching up with friends.

2 Growing up, how did you develop you taste regarding songwriting? Which are the acts/artists you look up to?

I don’t know what really has developed my own taste, but I do think it’s from a variety of sources, including country, folk, pop, RnB and electronica. I am also inspired by scores from sci-fi and adventure that I love. Musicians I love are KT Tunstall, Justin Timberlake, Sting, Hall and Oates, Paul McCartney, Thomas Newman, Alan Menken, etc.

3) We loved the jam love song to the truth with the Blackstratblues , how was it like working with the iconic Warren Mendonsa ?

I’ve been guesting on and off with Blackstratblues over the last 5 years now so was extremely thrilled to be asked to feature on their album. Warren is a no nonsense guy; I went in, did a few takes, and it was done!  

4) When approaching the songwriting process do you go with a pre determined theme or do you just get the best out of a feeling?

I would say, definitely the latter. I’m never sure what the song is going to be about when I only have the music ready. But there’s generally a melody and a few words from which I try to extract the meaning of the song. Then I try to write around that theme.

5) Are you a pet person?

YES. I have two cats who are currently watching me write these answers.

6) Knowing your artistic prowess in the studio and live sessions, what is an useless talent that you have on a lighter note?

I feel a lot of my talents are useless haha, but I can juggle three objects at a time. I guess you could say that’s a talent but of no particular use. 

7) Tell us something about Kadak Apple Records  , what does the future hold with the project ?

Kadak is still figuring out how it fits into my world now, since I’ve wound down its operations. It merely functions as a portal to find the other songwriters I love and associate with.

8) If you had the chance to open for any act/artist in the present or the future, who would it be ?

I would love to open for Amos Lee, KT Tunstall or even Bombay Bicycle Club.

9) Since all the live venues are shut and the musician’s community is going through a lot of second guessing, what is your take on fostering the indie scene further?

I think we should all take the time to figure out how to evolve the role of the musician today. What are all the ways we could use this skill set to get people interested in what we can do? I recently wrote a musical for YouTube, that’s something I’m thinking of doing more of, but everyone needs to find a fresh way to tell their stories.

10) What message do you have for your fans during these days?

I just want to say thank you to them for being so supportive, and also that there’s some new stuff coming out that is really the best work I’ve ever done; so I hope they are excited about it. Stay safe

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