Hailing from the peaceful town of Jorhat, meet Sukanya Boruah, Instagram influencer and content creator, who loves to inspire her audience with her out of the box content and her love for life.

1) What would you describe social media influencing as?

Social media influence is a marketing term that describes an individual’s ability to affect other people’s thinking in a social online community.  Moreover people think that a huge number of followers influence people but actually that’s not the scenario. There are various types of influencers and all of them have different topics and issues based on which they create content.

2) What type of content would you say you create and what inspires you to create the content you do?

Types of content I would love to present are the content though which we can entertain, educate, inspire and motivate. On social media I establish myself the way I ‘am, anecdotes and it’s incidents inspire me to do so; I like to act, dance and I post my contents mostly based  on it. We understand how we react to different social situations, and effectively modify our interactions with other people so that we achieve the best results.

3) What do you have to say about the beauty standards that influencers and celebrities have been allegedly setting and do you think it’s the ideal standard of beauty and lifestyle?

We constantly see these unattainable standards of beauty in the media and it can cause a lot of harm  to young girls. The media can cause body dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and disordered eating. When girls compare their bodies to what is seen in the media, it increases their chance of having a poor body image.

4) Do you think the influential community on Instagram and other social media platforms have the ability to bring in a reform if they wish to through their huge following?

 Instagram or any other social media platform isn’t just a source of entertainment anymore, it is much more. Influencers, as the term goes, can influence the public in lot many ways. The general public follows their ways of living and that holds great power and with power comes great responsibility. Influencers can bring in a lot of change for the betterment of the world and that is I believe what the world needs that at the moment.

5) What are the pros and cons to the entire social media’s influential life?

 Like every other thing in the world, social media influencing also has both pros and cons. When we look at the brighter side, social media can be used to make people aware of different things, to be kind, to help the environment grow, to break the stereotypes we have in the society and I can go on and on. When it comes to cons, influencing as it is said can very easily misguide people. There is a very thin line of difference between good content and content that can be misleading. So, I believe every influencer and in fact every person sharing anything on a social media platform should be aware and careful about what they post. Moreover, the struggle to create good and unique content that would be loved by everyone is never ending. But at the end of the day it brings joy and happiness.

6)  Have you always wanted to be someone as influential on social media and how did your journey start?

I have never pictured myself to be a social media influencer. As a kid I was always attracted to the cultural line of work and was always eager to take part in anything related to that and I’ve been doing that all this while. If we talk about social media, I’ve shared my work with the people who in return have showered their love and blessings in a very short span of time and I’ll forever  be grateful for that. When I talk about my journey, it has been amazing and I’ll thank my mother for everything I am today. There isn’t a particular person I want to be like, there are many who inspire me, there can’t be just one. But if I am asked I aspire to be an independent woman like my mother.

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