The P.E.O.P.L.E Weekly Edition-13

The 13th Edition of our Weekly e-Newspaper is now available.
Guwahati just a few days ago saw a brutal fight between two-groups of ‘Kinnar’. Both of them went into an ugly fight. Sight which is completely new in a city like Guwahati. Beyond is a “Gang” who runs, beyond what we see are the “Gangs of Kinnar”.

Dil Bechara hits the OTT screen, create a massive wave of Sushant not only across India, but across the world. But justified now? Indian ‘Hypocrite’ audience, and how few of them ruins the taste of good cinema. Read “the Fault in us”.

“We once had a home”, sobbed a lady from Laharighat in Assam, who lost her home in the Floods. The problem continues, the solution yet far-sighted.

Many more this week to read in our latest Edition of P.E.O.P.L.E weekly.

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