Think as a woman tonight! #JusticeForIndiasDaughters

End of the Night: The biggest shocker so far, has been the UP Police’s claim of “No Rape” in the #HathrasHorror. Yesterday, we busted the cover-ups, IT Narratives that attempted to shadow this horrifying incident. Tonight, we come up with an appeal, more than any questions.

Earlier today, the FSL reports claimed that “no sperm was reported in the victim’s body”, based on which UP Police’s ADG claimed “no rape” in the brutality. But is that the only context on which the charges can be applied? Not certainly! IPC says, any penetration against will to any extent into vagina/mouth/anus is rape. Even applying mouth to vagina/anus is rape. 

Moreover, the Victim’s family claimed about getting ‘pressurised’ by the administration. In fact, a shocking video of the District Magistrate of Hathras got surfaced today, where his ‘threats’ were clearly heard. The worst of all, to limit entries into the village, the area has been declared a CORONA CONTAINMENT ZONE.

The Allahabad HC today took ‘suo moto’ cognisance against the UP Government over defying a family’s rights to dignity last rites/cremation.

What did we learn from the Nirbhaya Horror? On an average, 88-rape cases are reported daily in India since then. 5-new rape cases were reported between 30th September & 1st October. Out of which, three happened in Uttar Pradesh itself.

Time to remove the red carpet, and walk on the sharp and disturbing realities of India. This isn’t just about Feminism or Women Empowerment, but about Humanism as a whole. Time to fight the underlying disease, that is MENTALITY. It isn’t just about the #HathrasHorror about all other cases reported daily in India.

At the last, 3-questions if it was not a rape case:
1. Why was she found naked?
2. Why was the body cremated in a hurry?
3. What was “Galti aap se chi hui hei? by UP Police?


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