Trained as a little girl in Classical music, Ipsita has always been connected to all things music and currently she calls herself a crazy listener of Synth-wave. Read on as she talks about her journey while discovering new genres and new pieces of herself.

  1. How did your musical journey sail off in the first place? Were you more inclined towards the guitar or towards vocals during the inception of your career?

         Music started when I knew nothing about it. Since a little kid, I started getting trained in Hindustani Classical, been an active member of the school choir and carried that forward in college and university as I loved to participate in talent shows and competitions. I started playing the guitar in high school, and it never left my side after that.

 2. What were the different genres that shaped your style? At what point did genres like synth-wave and neo-soul influence your music prominently?

       I have been a person with a diverse taste in music. I grew up listening to 90’s RNB and pop, gradually shifted to Rock n Roll, Rock, Alt Rock, and now a crazy listener of Synth-wave. I am a huge fan of The Midnight, and when my composition RANGDHALI took shape, I knew I wanted to experiment my Assamese song with these 80’s elements of Synth and Retro Wave. I love discovering new styles of music, and when I started making my songs, I wanted to explore different genres, and tried to bring in that newness in my creation to keep things interesting and fresh for me.

 3. You featured in a song, ‘What A Way to Know’ where you collaborated with Lateral, what was the experience like?

       Lateral is one of the best music producers from India. They have worked with people all around the country, and when they asked me if I would like to do a song of theirs, I chose “What a Way to Know’. For those of you who do not know this, this song has originally been sung by Amitabh Barooa, and those words got stuck inside my head. Instead of creating something new, I asked if they would like to re-create this in my voice and they came up with this amazing Neo Soul version.

 4. The Assamese music industry is mostly folk oriented, what were the struggles or the obstacles you have had to overcome with the neo soul and trip hop based music?

       The struggle of doing something different is always there, everywhere. As I am an Independent Artist, this struggle is very different for me. Even though there is an urge to get accepted, I know my music is not mainstream, and as such the only way is to move forward with new creations. Over this small period of time, I have been lucky to have some listeners who have been very loyal in accepting whatever I have put forward, and the number seems to be growing each day. And that is all I need.

5.  Do you base on fusion with the folk scenes or do you stick to the roots of your genre?

      I am always keen to learn and experiment. And would love to fuse or work with folk, bringing an age-old heritage forward in a way the youth would accept, keeping the ethnicity intact.

 6. Concept albums are not widely popular among the general audience; however, it infuses a better picture of the music the artist wants to portray. What do you think are some of ways artists can bring in the concept album culture in Assam?

      Concept Album has always been a long process. It is a very personalised presentation of the artist’s imagination, creation and art. I believe with so many new artists coming up with their music every day, a Concept Album surely will help them stand apart.

7. Besides music, you are heavily drawn towards graphic illustrations, was it a hobby you picked up or were you always inclined towards all the forms of art?

       Drawing/Painting started even before I went to school. It has always been a hobby and I find solace in it. Luckily, it all fell in place when I was trying to find a good Album Art for my song, and I ended up creating it myself. And there has been no stopping ever since.

8. What are your future projects?

       I have been working on a few projects simultaneously, collaborating with various artists. Got lucky to have been associated with a few producers from the US, and we will be releasing those soon too. Also, there is one very special project that I have been working on from the past one year, doing everything on my own, and I can’t wait to disclose its first look

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