#TRPScam: BUSTED. Exposers get EXPOSED!

End of the Night: The Big Fight called “TRP”, i.e Television Rating Points. If you’re a keen user of the Internet, you’d often read comments by users on News Channels, alleging them for making a certain type of stories for TRP. But why? Does TRP means News Channels making “fake-stories” or “unethical stories”?

In a country of 130 crore population, the number #1 Television Channel is determined by only 50,000 households across the country. That means, if you don’t have the “BAR-O-Meter”, you are not the audience who counts for these channels.

On analysis along with senior Journalists, we have figured out that most of the households, who carry these TRP machines, belong to a “poor-economical” class. Usually having children, below 10th Standard. That means, these are ones who determine which channel stands tall, and earn the highest revenues.

The recent #TRPScam revealed by the Mumbai Police alleged that #RepublicTV, who stands with the highest TRP in India, has manipulated the ratings. However, further reveals #IndiaToday’s name involved as well.

However, it should also be made clear that it’s not “Fake-News” or “False-Stories” that secures higher TRP ratings. But it is the stories which manipulated these 50,000 households across the country. Usually ‘cheap’ contents tend to hit more ratings as they please more of these “BAR-O-Meter” holders.

At the end, if you ask: Is TRP management possible? 
The answer will be: Certainly, YES!

Assam, if investigated, might find out incidents of TRP tampering as well. So far, there is no solid evidence to reveal more. However, it has been alleged that, through cable-operators, News Channels in the state manage certain households. Usually in a comparatively cheaper rate, to the amount they earn in return of higher TRP.

Nevertheless, the EXPOSERS are now EXPOSED. Their scam openly EXPOSED. #ThePeopleNetwork

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