US President Donald Trump engaged in a heated debate with presidential candidate Joe Biden, he mentioned India twice while arguing with the Democrat nominee. However, neither of the mentions were in praise of India.

As Joe Biden started cornering Donald Trump on the US government’s response towards the Covid-19 pandemic and US emerging as the worst-affected country in the world, Trump attempted to shift the blame towards China and India.

Trump said in the presidential debate on Wednesday (IST), “We don’t know how many people died of Covid-19 in China, Russia, India because they do not give straight answers, they don’t give real numbers.”

With the remark, Donald Trump attempted to once again blame China for the pandemic that has so far claimed over 10 lakh lives across the world with US suffering the most number of deaths. As Joe Biden talked about how many US families have lost their loved ones due to coronavirus, Donald Trump said it is due to China.

Calling Trump “totally irresponsible” on managing Covid-19, Joe Biden said the president is “a fool on this” and said Trump is only worried about masks in the interest of protecting his own health and not others.

Later, as the discussion about the Supreme Court nominee quickly turned to Covid-19, Donald Trump claimed without evidence that 2 million people would have died if Joe Biden were president.

In yet another reference to India and China during a discussion on climate change, Donald Trump said, “China sends up real dirt into the air. Russia does. India does.”

( As reported by India Today not edited by our News Desk)

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