The die-hard fan of US President Donald Trump, 38-year-old resident of Konne village,Jangaon district Bussa Krishna dies of Cardiac Arrest on Sunday.He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead by the authorities.

He was an ardent devotee of Trump and was concerned of the US President’s heath after he tested Covid-19 positive. Following which he had stopped eating food and continued praying to God for his fast recovery.

Krishna inspite of being a high-school drop-out was interested in global politics and wished that Trump would win the poll again so as to tackle China properly.

Krishna had installed a six-feet statue of the US President at his house by spending Rs 1.30 lakh and used to offer daily prayers to him.Later he was known as ‘Trump Krishna’ in his village.

His neighbours would always criticize him and asked him to visit a psychiatrist however Krishna used to defend his love for Trump. He had once said that, each Friday he used to fast for Trump’s long life.He would always carry his picture and pray to him before he could start with his day’s work.

Krishna had appealed to the Central Government to arrange his meeting with Trump, when he visited India earlier this year, however his desire to meet his God remained unfulfilled.

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