Indian-American Kumar Rocker was drafted by New York Mets, the baseball team based in the New York City of Queens as the 10th overall pick in the first round of the 2021 Major League Baseball Draft On Sunday.

The New York Mets will pay Kumar 6 million dollars as a signing bonus. The recomeded signing bonus for the 10th overall pick us 4.74 million dollars. That the Mets are going above and beyond it shows how highly team rates the pitcher.

Rocket, 21, is the mixed-race son of Tracy Rocker, a black football coach who’s in the College Football Hall of Fame, and Lalitha Rocker, an instructional designer whose parents immigrated from India.

“I told Kumar when he fills out forms, put ‘blindian’ because you’re black Indian,” Lalitha Rocker his mother said. ” I want him to be aware of his heritage and for other people to question where his heritage is, and not look at him only as an African American child.”

Kumar Rocker pick is monumental for people who haven’t seen themselves represented in baseball very often. Some are anticipating Indian kids wearing Kumar Rocker jerseys at school.

Another Indian-American pitcher, Rohan Hande, 21, was also selected by the San Francisco Giants team for the 2021 MLB draft, earlier this week.

Inputs: Times of India

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