TWO WOMEN JOURNOS’ FEARLESS REPORTING! But attempted to be stopped.

End of the Night: What is Democracy? The ‘Red-Carpet’ of the world’s largest democracy has covered beneath sharp-edged realities, and the realities which might “disturb” what one can perceive about the theory of ‘Democracy’. 

Lately, the Uttar Pradesh’s #HathrasHorror gave India a clearer image on why “Rape-in-India” is an issue that must be SOLVED anytime soon. But this chapter of horror is also showing “realities” covered by the ‘read-carpets’.

Female Journalist from a News Network, fearlessly covering the #HathrasHorror since the Victim’s body was brought to the village. This is after a long while that Indian Media has been credited for their reporting. Tanushree Pandey, a reporter from UP is one of the main reasons behind the “EXPOSED” reality of #HathrasHorror

The Media, Opposition Leaders are barred from entering the village to meet the victim’s family. Tanushree confronted the administration to bring out reports from the ground, including exclusive tapes of the victim’s family narrating about how they were pressured by the Administration.

Pratibha Mishra, another female ground reporter constantly confronted the officers barring them to enter the village without appropriate ‘reasons’. She even sat on Dharna, after the Media was barred from interviewing.

As the “Policy-Makers” fortified Hathras, the narratives are back! Quite evidently, the Victim’s family has been under surveillance. Their phones tapped, and they were locked inside. Following which, an audio-tape has been ‘leaked’ and narrated as Tanushree attempting to manipulate the family. This comes after the DM of Hathras’ video got leaked of him “threatening” the family to change their statement.

As India celebrated Gandhi Jayanti, the meaning of Democracy evolved. These incidents aren’t “RIGHT, OR LEFT”, but these are meant to be “JUSTIFIED”. Victim’s family was treated as an accused, then locked and sealed. Journalists’ “EXPOSING” truths are now stopped by NARRATIVES. Justice again to be “DELAYED”?

Welcome to “fortified” FREEDOM.

India Today group also issued an official statement.


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