End of the Night: Since the beginning of the Pandemic, Assam Government’s, particularly State Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, along with the entire team of the Health & other sectors were clearly seen working on grounds-to-papers. At a time, when the Government expressed how strongly Assam is fighting, today the situation seems to grim as the ‘real’ issues start showing.

“I am tired”, said a 43-yo man who cremated over 400 COVID-19 patients in Assam, so far. The story which everybody needs to know!

Meanwhile, speaking about Assam’s current situation, Himanta Biswa Sarma said, there might be a scarcity of ICUs in Guwahati if COVID-19 cases continue to report as it is currently reporting. Now, imagine what happens if there are thousands of COVID-19 critical patients reported across the state, but could not be treated or admitted due to scarcity of ICUs, or Hospital Beds?

Guwahati’s situation is still under control at least till end of September, but Dibrugarh’s situation is already something to worry about, said Sarma today.

The situation is REAL, but the attention into this seems to vaporise. The roads back to traffic, of course a need for the public to carry out their livelihoods. Unemployment continues to rise, while businesses continue to shut down. The Pandemic is for real posing real problems.

India is now about to report 1,00,000 daily new COVID-19 cases, which is massive. But the ‘Media Circus’ continues to reflect what is more ‘created’ than what is meant to be ‘reported’.

While some (NEWS) agencies in the name of alternatives follow the mainstream narratives, the Media Circus goes beyond the television, also into the Social Media. The ‘real’ stories of reality. If you’re wondering, just observe the COVID-19 tallies disappearing from the (NEWS) agencies’ platforms.

At the end, it’s YOU who can make a difference. LET PEOPLE KNOW THE REALITY.

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