End of the Night: Debates are back to the Clause 6 report of the Assam Accord. Promising its implementation, Prime Minister Narendra on 7th February, 2020 announced the formation of the “High-Level Committee”, ensuring the needs of the Assamese people are represented.

Committee’s report submitted. Now, it’s almost 6-months, and suddenly informed, the report never reached the Centre. In yesterday’s parliamentary session, MoS (Home) said, “The High-Level Committee constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Clause 6 of Assam Accord has submitted its report to GoA and its recommendations are under examination of the State Government.”

On being asked about the status of the report to CM Sarbananda Sonowal yesterday, his answers seem to lose the “right” direction it was supposed to fall under. Why didn’t the report reach the Centre yet? What is the “EXACT” status of the high-committees report? All remained unanswered.

Himanta Biswa previously said, the need of State Assemblies to decide upon certain ‘recommendations’. If the Sonowal Government were keen to implement this clause, wouldn’t they hold up any

Assembly sessions?

The ‘negligence’ or the unimportance given to this report is clearly felt. Senior Advocate & Committee’s member, Nilay Dutta said, “The clause 6 committee report remains with the Govt of Assam for consideration. Was it ever sent to the Home Ministry GOI.? The answer in Rajya Sabha is silent on this aspect. Sonowal, I am shocked and hurt. At least today, talk to Assam from your heart.”

Promises made, promises broken. Congress, who ruled for years, didn’t mention it. AGP despite 2-tenure failed to implement. And now, BJP despite promising, is running away from implementing.

Continuously the Government says to take about Clause 6 after elections. Why? Is it the fear of vote divisions? Or the division led by regionalism sentiments?

Silent CM Sonowal yet to answer “CLEARLY”. #ThePeopleNetwork

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