Will “Animals” decide what animals would eat? Satya takes Hindutva to zoo!

End of the Night: Do you know about Carnivores, Herbivores & Omnivores? And also, about their eating habits, or types of food that they eat? It’s rather astonishing to ask this question today, but that’s how the reality seems! Group of ‘aggressive’ Hindu Activists broke down at Assam State Zoo at Guwahati earlier today. They halted a vehicle carrying beef, that’s used to feed animals inside the zoo, and protested demanding a ban in feeding beef to the animals.

BJP Leader Satya Ranjan Borah asked why only beef was being served to the animals when there were other meat options.“We (Hindu society) talk about the protection of the holy cow but the animal is killed to feed the zoo carnivores. Beef is supplied under a system and the government is a part of it. But why is only beef when we can give them the meat of sambar deer or pig?” Borah asked.

After today’s protest Assam Forest Minister clarified that, until a scientific alternative is found to replace beef, they shall continue to provide it. Also, Assam lacks resources for buffalo meat.

This ‘aggressive’ Hindutva ideology now jumps across the zoo, where the leaders are deciding what a Carnivores should eat. What would one do about the animals which reside in the jungles? Will they hold a play-card, and sit for dharna demanding a ban of consuming beef?

Seems like we are into a different timeline. The question is, why start politics of ideologies with animals? Why let ideologies decide what animals consume? Ideologies now reach beyond humans. 

The clown of the political circus continues to encourage, as now ideologies are dragged within the walls of zoo. Do we need another zoo to “preserve” them as well? Let the animals decide, what say?

Incredible India’s, Incredible Story, yet again. Next up: Paneer, Soya Milk & Vegan items for these carnivores?


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