End of the Night: Big day for ‘regional’ power, as non-political students’ organisations, AASU & AJYCP announces their new regional political party named as ‘Assam Jatiya Parishad’. AASU also gave birth to ‘Asom Gana Parishad’, who now is part of the NDA Alliance, in the Assam Government.

History repeats and it’s true. The Assam Movement-like anti-CAA protests led to the emergence of firstly “artists” becoming wanna be politicians, and now organisations giving birth to political outfits. 

Back then, AASU formed AGP, which waved out the State Elections to form the Government then. However, despite full-swing of support, AGP then, couldn’t even secure 64-seats to attain a majority. As such, with BJP highly strong with both money & muscle, can the AJP ‘dream’ of winning & forming the Government in 2021?

Minister Himanta Biswa directly mentioned that this party’s candidate in every constituency they contest will not get more than 1500-votes each. Calls out as his assessment. But what exactly will be AJP’s ultimate goal to secure? Here’s a wordplay between Assam Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma & AASU’s General Secretary Lurinjyoti Gogoi:

Himanta Biswa’s thoughts about AJP
Lurinjyoti’s reply to Himanta Biswa
Himanta’s thought about AJP
Lurin says Himanta’s words have no “credibility”

Is AASU’s just-born young ‘calf’ ready to fight the elections against the biggies? AJP’s convenors say, there will be ‘relations’ between the political outfit & non-political organisations this time. What relation, yet to be told. 

Coordinator, AJP Jagdish Bhuyan said, not everyone breaks your trust. Some might, but that doesn’t mean everyone will, pointing towards AGP’s betrayal.

AASU has a strong hold as a Students’ Organisation, having its branches across several colleges as well as Universities. But, with this political formation, with a “likeliness” to have a relation with the political outfit, will AASU’s non-political ideology take over, or will the political demands take over it’s non-political ideology, remains a question.

At the end, will only “Regionalism” count? While, on the other hand, the communal angles get stronger with BJP vs Congress-AIUDF contest. AJP’s formation now, a good move to grow, or bad enough to fall?



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