Amidst raging environmental issues like illegal mining and logging in Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve, oil blowout in Baghjan Gaon, mega dams coming up in Dibang Valley, which is a Global biodiversity hotspot and the highly criticized draft EIA 2020 notification, the youth of Guwahati came out on the streets to express their concern and create awareness via street art at Dighalipukhuri , banner drop and a climate strike at Beltola, Guwahati.

People of Baghjan gaon have lost their homes and there seems no hope of respite even after 110+ days of the oil spill. The irresponsible environmental degradation caused by the oil spill cannot be compensated with money and will cost the people of Baghjan years of livelihood loss as they all depend on the Maguri beel, tea gardens and paddy fields for their living. Dibang Valley falls in seismic zone 5 and the proposed 17 mega dams on Dibang River not only pose a threat to people of Arunachal Pradesh but have a global impact. Coal India Limited has been mining in Saleki which is a proposed reserved forest since last 17 years without any environmental clearance.

Fridays For Future, Guwahati, a people’s movement staged a demonstration at Beltola with placards urging the government to pay attention and take effective action on ever increasing cases of environmental negligence, with a number of 17 strikers amidst a pandemic on the Global Climate Strike. It’s aim is to make local relevant actions based on the urgency of such evident situations in and around the environment.

One of their members, Sagar Tiwari said, “Environment has the very existence before human dominance and thereby we must take that under consideration whenever taking any step towards new building or development. Or else we should be ready to face more such pandemics in the future because of the deforestation and the loss caused to the environment. We must act and do the possible starting from now and today”.

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