Protests have erupted in India over the death of a young woman two weeks after she was dragged from a field and allegedly gang-raped and tortured.

The Hathras rape case has given rise to protests across the country. The chanting crowds uproar is reflected in every nook and corner.

A candle march protest was seen at Millenium park, Jorhat today evening, with the people taking to the streets to join nationwide protests against continuing caste-based violence and sexual assaults of women and girls, demanding justice and strict actions to be taken against the rapists.

The Satra Mukti Sangram Samiti of Jorhat, If we don’t rise campaign of Northeast and Women in Governance (WinG) of Assam organised the candle march protest in solidarity with India’s rape victims, to remember the Hathras case and to speak against caste based violence on women.

People flooding the streets to express a chorus of disapproval for abuse against women is a powerful display that can be difficult to ignore.

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